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Freenix is a Free eXpansion Pack for Slackware. The project's primary goals are to document all non-free software in Slackware distribution, and to make it easy for users to maintain a fully free OS based on Slackware.

Technically speaking, Freenix is a complete distribution and a Slackware derivative, but we prefer to think of ourselves as a shortcut to a free flavor of Slackware. We are not affiliated with the Slackware project, have no developers in common, and share no infrastructure. We use the term Slackware only in reference to the stock OS distributed by Patrick Volkerding.

Freenix is formerly known as FreeSlack, which was the name of the original documentation project. Since the documentation work is mostly complete, and the main thrust of the project now is the free distribution, we decided to give it a distinctive name. We are currently in the process of rebranding everything, but our old intertnet domain remains active, and the name FreeSlack still refers to the Slackware package licensing documentation.

Slackware Package Licensing


This project could not have succeeded without the hard work of Slackware developers and the alien technology courtesy of Eric Hameleers. May “Bob” install a fountain of Slack in their lobby.

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