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Project Goals

  1. Identify all non-free software distributed as a part of Slackware, as well as all software that does not belong in a free operating system. For each non-free piece of software (usually, a Slackware package), provide a short description of the license(s).
  2. Develop an easy way to maintain a free OS based on Slackware.
  3. In regard to the distribution of a free Slackware derivative, we are committed to ongoing compliance with the Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG). In particular, this project will never knowingly distribute or advertise non-free software, and removing unintentional non-free bits is one of our highest priorities overall.

Our current plans include deblobbing -current as well as future stable releases of Slackware x64. We are aware of x32, but see no reason to proceed without user demand. We have no plans to support releases older than 14.1, but user demand can change this as well. We have plans for expanding the repository with auxiliary binary packages beyond the base install. We are happy to defer all technical decisions to the Slackware core development team. We have absolutely no plans to mess with the base collection aside from the minimal changes needed to replace the essential non-free components, and we are basically done on that front. We may one day try to bootstrap Slackware (that is, rebuild everything from scratch).

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