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Free Repository

We provide a free repository for use with slackpkg. Be advised, you only need to change your settings if you want to customize an existing Slackware install. If you installed from a Freenix ISO, then all these settings are already set right. Read this entire section before making a switch, since our repository differs from the stock in several important ways.

To switch to the new repo, you have to

  1. edit /etc/slackpkg/mirrors to use our repo,
  2. uncomment the SLACKKEY line in /etc/slackpkg/slackpkg.conf and change it to
    SLACKKEY="Connie Dobbs (Free eXpansion Pack for Slackware)"
  3. obtain our signing key
    slackpkg update gpg

    and force

    slackpkg update

    regardless of the ChangeLog state

Non-free packages were removed and replacements are provided:

  1. linux-libre-headers replaces kernel-headers, and they collide in /usr/include
  2. linux-libre-source replaces kernel-source, and the source is delivered as a single tarball, so no collision
  3. linux-libre-image replaces kernel-huge, kernel-generic, and kernel-modules, and no collisions with the stock

We hope that you will find our kernel build scripts useful for manually building custom kernels.

The rest of the packages in our repository are unmodified upstream binaries, so you can think of it as a deblobbed mirror.

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